Welcome to the Forgotten Realms

Our campaign story arcs have been writing themselves out during the course of over three decades of regular gaming sessions amongst a great group of friends. With the focus always on story and character development, we weave published modules into our own story arcs to create an epic story that we are very proud of.

Unique to our campaign(s) is the fact that it is player-driven, unlike many campaigns where DMs roll behind screens, impose their rules, and force characters into certain paths because it is how the ‘module was written’, or it’s what the DM wanted to happen. Most of the time, our players have taken “the [path] less traveled” and have “made the difference” in how the story ends. And that unforeseen difference is what has kept us coming back to the gaming-table for years.

Additionally, our characters and NPCs are real, not just information on paper. It’s a sad loss to everyone, not just because of the time invested, when an NPC or Player Character is lost

Overall, our collaborative gaming techniques have created story arcs that have turned a published campaign like The Forgotten Realms into an award-winning campaign we have described as an epic saga or a novel we have all co-written and brought to life.

So, sit back and enjoy reading the stories. More important, enjoy getting to know the characters.

—Richard Rouillard (DM and co-creator of Legacy of the Realms)

Note: Many of the images used here are for game purposes or personal non-profit only and were never used for commercial purposes. All rights are reserved for and by the artists and respected owners.